Botox, friend or foe

Time for canning, beware of botox I was looking for an interesting topic for a post when my brother-in-law sent … »

Kilimanjaro, Hakuna Matata

My sabbatic from Dodicimezza coincided with a new adventure: this time…in the black continent…by the “Snow of Kilimanjaro”! (big grin) … »


Precision nutrition…

New diets, new principles: today we talk about precision nutrition As you know I live in the United States where … »


6 foods before the gym

Summer is here, we are all ready to show off our healthy and toned bodies …but a few  more visits … »

salon du chocolat conferenza stampa

Salon du Chocolat Milan 2017:

The first Italian edition of the Salon du Chocolat ended four month ago and here we are planning the next … »

toast con salmone avocado e philadelphia

White, red and green…

The European Soccer championship is on: ready to spend so many evenings with friends watching the matches on TV, enjoying tasty … »


The secret of self-made bars

Bars, delicious and healthy, and home made! Bikini season is round the corner and with that, the rush to the … »


7 superfruits you should not miss!

Exotic or domestic, superfruits are a natural concentrate of vitamins and minerals. We can find them fresh or dehydrated, in … »

Buon Compleanno/Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to …us!

Dodiciemezza, the blog celebrates its first birthday Dear Tiziana e Rossella, It has been one year since we have started writing … »


3 secrets to a healthier brain

Brain’s health comes from the right diet…but not only The research is clear: what we eat has a big impact … »


Mission pH

Eating well and a proper dental care foster a healthy smile but, beware of the pH Every time we smile, … »

Another side of hunger

It sounds unbelievable but…hunger exists also in the USA! I live in the States where you can find anything in … »

pentole metallo

Cookware: which pots and pans?

What is the right cookware? and the one to store and preserve? Looking for some cooking help? Supermarket shelves are richer … »

Strawberries at Easter

  …what to do with strawberry leftover? This Easter I had agreed with my blog friends to write a post … »

Lindt Lindor

Lindt, excellence in chocolate

 Lindt Lindor secrets In 1845 in a small patisserie in Zurich the Spruengli family started producing chocolate and in 1899 … »

perso al cavolo nero/black cabbage pesto

black cabbage pesto

Here we are at our second winter pesto This time for my pesto I have used black cabbage. It is … »