3 secrets to a healthier brain

Brain’s health comes from the right diet…but not only

The research is clear: what we eat has a big impact on our brain. The right foods and their combination and also some other secret allows ro enhance memory, build new brain cells and help fight conditions like Alzheimer.

What are these 3 important secrets then?

1) Follow a Mediterranean diet:

Studies conducted by Rush University in Chicago are showing that foods rich in anti-oxidants like olive oil, broccoli, spinach help fight inflammation which over time can damage the brain. Beets and tomatoes, instead, ensure brain receives the blood it needs to stay sharp. This blood flow to the brain also promotes neuron growth in the hippocampus, the area o the organ associated with learning and memory. Last but not least, fish which contains a protein helping the growth of new neurons, reversing the effects of aging. Ah, not to be forgotten… a glass of wine a day is absolutely ok, thanks to effects of its anti-oxidants! I said one though, because if more…than other issues start showing up!

Cibo per il cervello/brain food

2) Keep moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Exercise is as important for mental function as it is for physical. The researchers say that our ancestors’ constant activity as hunters and food harvester is one of the reason why the human species’ brain has developed.  In fact, physical exercise produces the same protein we find in fish, a protein able to regenerate our neurons. 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week (simply half hour powerful walk) can help the brain to stay in shape.

3) Finally, let’s not forget our “second brain”!

The connection between the brain and the gut has been shown as a way to influence memory, mood and cognition. Unhealthy gut bacteria can trigger inflammation which can weaken the immune system and impact the brain. Important not to forget to include pro-biotics in the diet: keep a healthy digestive system with a gut that is…working!


intestino e cervello/gut and brain

In another post we will cover “super fruits”, foods rich in anti-oxidants and important for the brain. Meanwhile, enjoy a walk in the park, and a good daily glass of wine …but do not drunk your brain dry!! Keep it strong and healthy.

Written by  Tiziana

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